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Zcash Gambling Sites

Zcash was launched in October 2016 and has become hugely popular in gambling for the anonymity it provides. Unlike Bitcoin, all Zcash transactions can be made in complete privacy by hiding the sender, recipient, and value information from the blockchain. The technology behind Zcash was developed by a founding team of crypto-graphic experts, and its launch has been extremely well received by crypto community. You can view all of the available Zcash betting sites below – find a place to gamble your ZEC!

Betting/Gambling with Zcash

If you’ve gambled with cryptocurrencies before then Zcash will be relatively straight forward to grasp. In a similar way to other coins, Zcash has ‘wallets’ and ‘addresses’ which allow users to transact the currency, and in this case, make online casino deposits. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, we recommend reading our getting started guide to Bitcoin, as this covers some of the important basics.

To get started with Zcash, and to place your first bet at a Zcash casino, head to (currently only available for Linux) and follow the installation guide.

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