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World Cup Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2018

The long wait is over – the 2018 World Soccer World Cup is finally here!

Best of all, this is the first time that crypto players have multiple options to bet on this iconic event. Exploding at the similar pace to the Blockchain revolution have been a host of online sportsbooks who accept Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) for avid sports fans to wager on their selections.

There are many fly-by-night operators looking to make their mark, so be sure to choose a site with a trusted reputation.

Some excellent Bitcoin sportsbooks who offer superb service and odds:

The great thing about having so many to chose from is that before placing bets, Bitcoin players can shop around for the best odds. Generally, with such a massive sporting event, odds don’t vary too much, but even one or two percentage points can save valuable stake money. It’s also worth remembering that betting continues throughout each game and fluctuates, dependant on the score and time passed. In-running betting is a great way to bet if for skilled players.

Why use Bitcoin to bet on the World Cup?

Gambling with Bitcoin is always preferable to using Fiat currencies, but with sports betting even more so. Of course, the usual benefits of anonymity, security and fast transactions apply, but there is also another aspect – better odds. Fiat currency bookmakers have such a large market share that they tend to rest on their laurels and offer draconian odds. Catering only to the general public, they have no need to refine their product.

Bitcoin sportsbooks, on the other hand, have a double challenge: Appealing to savvy Bitcoin players and establishing themselves. It’s for that reason that Bitcoin sportsbooks will be offering the most competitive prices available during the 2018 World Cup.

What can other cryptocurrencies be used to bet on the World Cup?

While Bitcoin is the king of gambling when it comes to cryptocurrencies, many online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of other option:

Most sites offer the cryptocurrencies listed, with some sites even offering less established options. Make sure to check for any additional fees before choosing an obscure cryptocurrency.

World Cup groups

Tournament Preview (with projected odds)

4–1 Brazil: Undoubtedly the class package, Brazil enter the tournament not in the best of form. However, with 5 World Cup titles, they invariably raise their game when the time matters.

9/2 – Germany: Much like their automobiles, defending champions Germany epitomise quality and reliability. The recent defeat in a friendly to Austria is best forgotten. Germany always delivers superb performances on big days (they have 4 world cup titles to prove it).

6/1 – Spain: The flair and talent of the Spaniards is undeniable. Attempting to shrug off the stain of a 3-3 draw with Russia late last year, Spain enter the tournament as the mercurial contenders. Able to beat anyone on their day, they are never to be ignored.

6/1 – France: Despite ticking all the boxes in terms of player talent, France seems to have not “clicked” together leading into the World Cup. With a shocking 2-1 loss to Sweden in the qualifiers they enter the tournament with all the pedigree but not the form. If they string together two or three great games in a row however, France could vault to the top of the betting boards.

8/1 – Argentina: Unpredictable would be the best way of summing up Argentina. With Coach Jorge Sampaoli dictating an “attack at all costs” philosophy. Argentina will prove to be dangerous if they hit best form.

10-1 Belgium: Boasting a team of true depth, with a slew of world class players, Belgium may well be the dark horse of the tournament. That is, if all of the stars can share the limelight and work as a unit.

16-1 England: Crashing out to Iceland in the Euros may not have been the confidence boost “The Three Lions” needed leading up into the World Cup. On the other hand, it may have lowered expectations enough to ease the pressure this year. A team to watch.

25-1 Portugal: The European Champions seem an appetising price as a team coming into the tournament brimming with confidence. If they’re able to carry the momentum through, they may well prove to be value.

33-1 Croatia: With internal politics marring the football in Croatia, this team hasn’t lived up to their potential. Loaded with ability, they’re capable of upsetting any of the heavyweight teams.

40-1 and better the rest. Despite being generally regarded as “no hopers”, many of these teams have the capability to surprise on their day. Host team Russia may rise to the occassion, as South Korea did in 2002, and exceed expectations.

Our selections:
Outright Win: Belgium
Value Picks: Portugal and Croatia


Whether you’re betting with your head or your heart, it makes sense to gamble with Bitcoin during this World Cup. Choose a trusted sportsbook listed and you can enjoy all the games with a vested interest – and hopefully a tidy profit.

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