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2016 US Presidential Election – Bet With Bitcoin!

A number of bitcoin sportsbooks have launched their own odds for betting on the 2016 US Presidential Election. Users can now bet on any of the candidates from Donald Trump through to Michelle Obama by signing up at any of the following bitcoin sportsbooks:

Both platforms currently have Hilary Clinton out as front runner, with odds of 1.8:1 and 2:1 respectively.

Which Presidential Candidate To Bet Your Bitcoin On?

Assuming you’re not looking at throwing a curve ball and betting on the likes of Sarah Palin, George Clooney or Michelle Obama then you’re going to get some pretty tight odds on the front runners. The three presidential candidates that the bitcoin sportsbooks have out in front are Hilary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. So how do you decide who to get behind with you bitcoin?

First of all, there is a lot of noise in the media. Whoever makes the loudest noise or the most controversial comments will likely draw the most press – do not make a judgement based on the amount of press a particular presidential candidate is getting. For example, Donald Trump has had a lot of the limelight over the past 6 months, but should that mean you bet your bitcoin on him? One answer is to look at the polls for a better idea of what the public is really thinking, however it’s important to look at multiple polls rather than just one or two in isolation. Polls are notoriously inaccurate, but by analyzing dozens of polls you can get a better understanding of which candidate to bet your bitcoin on.

Is Bitcoin Legal For Betting on the 2016 Presidential Race

Bitcoin gambling is available to players from anywhere in the world, and sites like Betcoin and Nitrogen Sports have very flexible bitcoin registration, deposit and withdrawal policies. While you may be able to register and deposit, you do so at your own risk and any State Law may prohibit you from doing so, it is important that you know your own State’s regulations. Some players will argue that betting bitcoin is effectively like betting with ‘jelly beans’ and therefore there is no legal implications at all, whether you are betting on bitcoin casino slots or the 2016 Presidential Election. Bitcoin gambling is a new phenomenon, so regulation is struggling to keep up and some players choose to exploit this fact.

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