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Norway’s Booming Bitcoin Scene

Norway seems like an unlikely candidate for driving the next boom in Bitcoin adoption, but recent developments and continued unease within the European Union might suggest otherwise. One of the most significant changes to Norway’s Bitcoin landscape occurred in November of last year, when the country’s largest bank DNB ASA, introduced a new app feature that enabled consumers to pay businesses on their mobile. The app (“Vipps”) is one of the most popular methods for transacting Euros inside the country, but a shrewd play by Norway’s largest exchange, Bitcoins Norway has made Vipps a primary medium for purchasing Bitcoin.

As reported by, prior to the introduction of Vipps’ new feature, anyone looking to buy Bitcoin in Norway would have typically been forced down the route of SWIFT or SEPA transfer. By using Vipps to purchase BTC from Bitcoins Norway, users are able to receive their BTC in hours rather than days and the fees for doing so are negligible compared with the SWIFT or SEPA alternatives. As expected, this partnership has proven to be enormously popular within the Bitcoin community of Norway, and no doubt was welcome news amid the sustained rally in Bitcoin’s price during December 2016.

State of Bitcoin Gambling in Norway
Norway and the Scandinavian countries in general, have always had a strong interest in gambling, particularly with online poker. Norway’s Anette Obrestad (Annette_15) became world famous after she announced that her online poker career (which started at age 15) had earned her close to one million dollars. And Scandinavian poker celebrities such as Gus Hansen, Patrik Antonius, Thor Hansen dominated much of the scene in the early 2000s.

The introduction of Bitcoin and the accessibility provided by Vipps and Bitcoins Norway has led many to speculate on an increased demand for online gambling within the country. While gambling is heavily regulated, the use of Bitcoin is largely untouched by authorities, and as a result many are now likely to choose to deposit at online casinos with Bitcoin.

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