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MegaDice Launches New Live Casino Game

MegaDice is well-known on the casino market for its awesome bitcoin dice game, and slots, yet the fun doesn’t stop here. In an effort to keep players entertained at all times, while also granting them bigger chances of winning, MegaDice has recently launched another game: the live Bitcoin casino.

The concept behind the live casino game on MegaDice is simple, but very exciting. Upon logging in, players can go ahead and bet a certain amount of bitcoin on the outcome of a bet, which will be either odd or even, depending on the game cards that the live dealer pulls out. In case the player has wagered his coins on the correct result, he’ll get access to his coins back, together with a winning bonus, depending on the amount that each person has wagered. Therefore, it creates a competition for domination and winning that players will surely love. Not only this, but the dealers are all professional, speak English well, and are entertaining too. With this in mind, gamblers will get access to a fun online Bitcoin gambling experience that they will surely love from all the points of view.

Apart from the live casino, MegaDice also offers a fun dice game, and the ability to play slots. The house edge is at only 0.9%, therefore players do have an advantage and they are bound to win a good amount of bitcoin, if they play wisely. Yet another great feature being offered by MegaDice, is the ability to play on the house, by being a part of the bankroll. The bankroll is bound to either grow or shrink, depending on how players manage to win or lose on the casino. Upon betting on the bankroll, the casino will determine the backer’s percentage of the total bankroll, and hence reward the player in case the bet turns out to be correct. There are a couple of potential risks for backers, but as long as they bet wisely, and don’t put all their eggs in one basket, the experience is bound to be both entertaining, but also rewarding.

In terms of deposits and withdrawals, deposits require one confirmation before they’ll be shown in your casino balance, whereas withdrawals are processed instantly. Do keep in mind the fact that larger withdrawals may need to be processed manually, hence a small delay.

Those who are interested in affiliate possibilities, will be happy to know that for every bet that is placed by a referred player, a commission of the house edge is rewarded, regardless of whether the bet in question is won or lost.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, MegaDice will surely offer a great experience to all bitcoin gamblers, thanks to its dice, slots and live casino, but also thanks to the other features being offered.

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