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How to Earn and Win Bitcoin

How to Earn and Win BitcoinThere are 5 main ways to earn and win Bitcoin. These are:

Skip ahead to our list of the best Bitcoin gambling sites, where you can compare some of the moist popular places to win Bitcoin.

1. Win Bitcoin playing games

Playing fun Bitcoin games like Bitsler or BitKong can be an enjoyable way to win Bitcoin. These games are always geared slightly towards the house, but the chance of the house winning can be as low as 1%. Playing a Bitcoin game requires that the individual deposits Bitcoin into their player acocunt account, so those new to Bitcoin should read our getting started guide first.

Earning Bitcoin by playing a game is very simple, we’ll take a look at Bitsler for our example.

  1. Deposit Bitcoin funds
  2. Once you’ve registered a free account at your favorite Bitcoin game, you will be able to deposit BTC straight away by sending a transaction to account’s address.

    deposit Bitcoin

  3. Play dice
  4. Bitsler has a number of different games where you can win and earn Bitcoin, however their dice game is the most popular. In this example, we have decided to bet 10mBTC on a 50:50 roll.
    Bitcoin dice roll

  5. Wait for rain
  6. At most of these Bitcoin dice sites, players who take part in the community chat area will occasionally receive “rain”. Rain is a free way to earn Bitcoin, and is donated by mods and other players. The amount a player earns from Bitcoin rain is usually only a handful of satoshis, but this is another great way to earn Bitcoin when playing a game.

  7. How much can I win playing Bitcoin games?
  8. Bitcoin games often have risks, and players can lose their deposits if they are not careful. However, players have also been known to win tens of Bitcoins when playing these games, particularly as many of them have no limit on the amount that can be wagered. The video below shows just how much a lucky player can earn in a short period of time at a site like Bitsler:

2. Earn Bitcoin trading on forex sites

Forex (foreign exchange) trading is another popular way for many people to earn Bitcoin. Simply put, Bitcoin forex trading allows players to win Bitcoins by betting on the price of Bitcoin or other assets and commodities. If a player bets that the price of a particular asset will increase, then they will win back an amount of Bitcoin equal to the percentage increase in the asset’s price. For example, if a bet of 10mBTC was placed on the price of Bitcoin increasing, then an increase in Bitcoin’s price from $1000 to $1100 per Bitcoin (a 10% increase), would result in a profit of 1mBTC (10% of 10mBTC).

Bitcoin forex

Whaleclub is a popular Bitcoin forex site which allows traders to bet on more than just the price of Bitcoin. Traders can also bet on stock prices, indices and commodities, giving them more ways to earn Bitcoin through their platform. To bet on one of these platforms, simply make a Bitcoin deposit in your free account and start trading. If you’re not sure on which forex platform to use, our list of the top Bitcoin forex sites will help you decide on where to play.

3. Get free Bitcoin from faucets

primedice bitcoin faucet
Bitcoin faucets are the most popular way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin for free. By visiting a Bitcoin faucet, you will be paid immediately for completing a simple task such as: viewing an advert, setting up an account or completing a captcha form. All of these Bitcoin gambling sites with faucets provide this service. Faucets provide a few satoshis or more over a certain period of time. Some faucets will pay out every day, whilst other faucets will provide payouts on an hourly basis – if not faster.

In many cases, a faucet will payout simply by clicking a button. Primedice for example, pays 150 satoshis to all new players, and the amount that the Bitcoin faucet pays out increases as you bet more. Those who have a knack for maximizing Bitcoin earnings will soon realise that there is no limit to the number of Bitcoin faucets a player can use. For this reason, many people setup accounts with dozens of Bitcoin faucets and earn Bitcoin satoshis regularly throughout the day.

4. Do work that pays in Bitcoin

There are a number of Bitcoin freelance platforms that allow employers and freelancers to connect and work together. These platforms encourage payouts in Bitcoin, and they serve as an honest route for many people to earn Bitcoin. The type of work that these freelance platforms accept is endless, but some of the most popular jobs that earn Bitcoin are:

  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Content Writing/Journalism
  • Data Entry
  • Product Testing
  • Programming/Web Development

Individuals that possess any of these skills can find that they can earn Bitcoin for a few hours of hard work. If you believe that the price of Bitcoin will increase in the future, then this is a great way to get into the cryptocurrency now as an investment. The three many Bitcoin freelancer platforms are Coinality, BitGigs and CryptoGrind. It’s likely that in time, major freelance job boards like Upwork and Fiverr will begin to support Bitcoin payments.

Earning Bitcoins in conclusion

As we’ve discussed, there are many different ways that an individual can win or earn Bitcoins. Whether it is opting to roll the dice on a Bitcoin game or putting hard work into a Bitcoin-paying project, earning Bitcoin is not as hard as one might think. For those totally new to Bitcoin, opting for a faucet as their main route of earning and winning Bitcoin may be the best choice initially as it’s so simple to get started. The more experience Bitcoiners out there may be tempted by the dice games; these can be extremely fun, but we remind you to only gamble what you can afford to lose.

We will continue to expand this list of ways to earn Bitcoin as the months roll on. In the meantime, good luck winning or earning your next Bitcoin paycheck!

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