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Betting on Video Poker

Video poker is massively popular at Bitcoin casinos, just as it is in regular land-based casinos throughout the world. What’s more, it is one of the games with the highest RTP (return to player) found anywhere, making it great for those looking to play their way to some prizes. With so many different variations though, as well as a layout that can be daunting to the beginner, how exactly is this game played?

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is an electronic casino game and it is played on your own, without the need for a dealer (click here for Texas Hold’em bitcoin poker). As the name suggests, it is based around the game of poker, and sees you trying to make the best five-card hand possible. To begin the game, the player is dealt five cards, all of which are face up. The player then has to decide which of these cards to keep, and which ones to swap for new ones. The swap is then made, and the new set of cards are played as the final hand.

If you aren’t aware of how poker works, here are the hands, in descending order of importance, along with a brief description:

  • Royal Flush. This is when you get a run of cards from 10 through to Ace, all of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush. This is any run of five cards, all of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind. Pretty self-explanatory, as it’s when you get four identical cards in your hand.
  • Full House. This is when you get three of one value of card, and two of another.
  • Flush. A hand whereby all cards of are the same suit.
  • Straight. A run of cards that is five long, for example 6 through to 10.
  • Three of a Kind. When you get three of the same card in your hand.
  • Two Pairs. Like getting a single pair, but twice.
  • One Pair. A hand with only a pair of the same card value in your hand.
  • Note: the Ace card can be played high or low when making a straight or straight flush (Ace through to 5 or 10 through to Ace).

Different variations of video poker have different rules when it comes to hand classifications. Most, for example, will only payout for higher ranking pairs, while some rank four Aces over four of a kind of any other value. Therefore, it’s important to check the paytable before starting to play.

Variations of Video Poker

Video poker comes in many different varieties, as is the case for most games found at Bitcoin casinos. Some of the more popular types include:

  • Jacks or Better. The most popular version around. It is essentially the standard version of the game, whereby players have to get a pair of jacks or better to win a prize.
  • Aces and Eights. Another popular version of video poker, this game sees four Aces or Eights ranked higher than other four of a kind hands.
  • Deuces Wild. This is a really exciting version of the game, as it sees deuces (twos) acting as wild cards, meaning they can act as any value card.
  • Double Bonus. Double Bonus offers enhanced prizes for getting any four of a kind hand, and also has a return to player of over 100%.
  • Double Double Bonus. This game also gives bonuses to players getting four of a kind, but also takes into account the other card in their hand as well.

Perhaps the biggest thing to look at when thinking about playing a version of video poker is its volatility. This essentially means how it pays out: a high volatility game will provide less wins, but the ones it does provide are larger – meaning that it’s more of a roller coaster. Lower variance games don’t provide these ups and downs though, making them less risky to play, but also less likely to lead to massive payouts.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is one of the few casino games that you can win at over the long term, providing you play optimum strategy 100% of the time. The first thing you have to do is choose a video poker game with an RTP of over 100%, with the most popular ones being Double Bonus and Deuces Wild. After that, the strategy is then to play carefully and without taking any risks – meaning that the number one rule is that you should never break up a winning hand. The only exception to this is when you have a low paying hand and there’s a chance of getting a Royal Flush instead.

It’s also very important to remember that you should never overstretch yourself in terms of your bet size. A good rule to follow is that you should never lose more than 10% of your total balance in a single session, and you should have the discipline to walk away if things aren’t going well. By doing so, it means that you can always come back tomorrow without having to drop in another bitcoin deposit.

Mobile Video Poker

Video poker is also available to play on a mobile device, and is actually one of the games that bests translates to mobile play. This is because video poker doesn’t rely on fancy graphics or complex gameplay in order to be enjoyable, meaning that no elements need to be removed or amended in order for it to be transferred to a mobile casino. Of course, tablets show the features off better than mobile phones though and are easier to use, thanks to the larger screen size.

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