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Betting on Online Slots

As soon as you land at a Bitcoin casino, you’ll usually notice one thing: the vast majority of games found there are online slots. The reason for this is simple: they are incredibly popular, however players want as much variety as possible, generally getting bored of one slot pretty quickly. As a result, the casinos supply this demand. But how do you get started playing Bitcoin slots?

How to Play a Slot

While all slots are different, they mostly follow a pretty standard pattern of play, and this begins with you deciding how much you want to bet. Many slots also allow you to choose the number of paylines you want to play. These choices are something of a balancing act, as you don’t want to overstretch yourself, but you also have to remember that bigger bets lead to bigger prizes, and more paylines lead to more chances to win.

That’s really all the involvement you have in the game, as the next thing to do is spin the reels. Once they stop, you’ll automatically be informed if you’ve made a winning combination, with any money being added to your balance straight away. You could also activate a bonus game, however 99% of the time these bonus games are completely down to luck, with no skill involved.

What are Progressive Slots?

For most serious slot players, progressive slots are the place to be. Why? Because they offer the biggest jackpots of all, and they can often stretch into the millions. They are insanely difficult to win, however the prizes are clearly worth the hard work! You should check the rules at a slot with a progressive jackpot, as many will stipulate that you need to play all paylines, as well as at the highest possible stakes.

But how do progressive jackpots work? Well, unlike standard jackpots, which are set at a specific amount, progressive jackpots keep on rising as more players use them. This causes them to get higher and higher, before the jackpot is won. When this happens, the progressive jackpot will reset to its base level, although at some slots this is still around a million coins.

Other Slot Features

The biggest of the other features to mention are bonuses, which are many players’ favourite aspect to Bitcoin slots. Bonuses can come in many shapes and forms, and they can also lead to varying prizes, from a few coins through to the jackpot. Some of the more popular types of bonuses include:

  • Wild Symbols. These are found during the base game, and are symbols that can replace many of the other symbols on the reels – leading to some nice prizes.
  • Scatter Symbols. These are also found on the base game. While most symbols have to be on a payline in order to pay out, scatter symbols can be scattered anywhere on the reels.
  • Pick Me Bonuses. These are really basic, as you simply have to select from different icons, revealing the prizes underneath.
  • Free Spins. These see the player awarded a number of free spins, and during these extra features might be activated, such as additional wilds.
  • Arcade-Style Bonuses. Some of the latest slots have taken bonuses to another level, incorporating fun, interactive bonuses with great graphics.

3D Slots: The New Breed

The latest innovation in the world of online slots is 3D slots, and the vast majority of these are produced by BetSoft. Some of the best include Gladiator, Alkemor’s Tower and Good Girl, Bad Girl. While these don’t offer anything much different in terms of gameplay, the graphics undoubtedly enhance the experience massively, and have made them incredibly popular. Those with slow internet connections might not like them so much though, as they can take ages to load.

The Best Slots Providers

Choosing the best Bitcoin slots providers is completely subjective, as they all offer features and themes that appeal to different sets of players. Here’s a rundown of some of the more popular providers and what they offer:

  • Microgaming. The number one name in the world of slots, they’ve been responsible for many of the best games of all time, including progressive slots with the largest jackpots.
  • BetSoft. They’ve been around for a while, but have recently become well-known for their 3D slots, which look better than almost all other slots out there.
  • NetEnt. A stalwart of the slots industry, they create fantastic slots – including some with 3D graphics – and also created the number one slot here at Bigcoin Gambling, Guns N’Roses.
  • Endorphina. When it comes to Bitcoin casinos, one of the best known names is Endorphina. Satoshi’s Secret is their best offering, along with Ice Pirates and Blast! Boom! Bang!
  • Playtech. Another huge name in the industry, their slots aren’t so commonly found at Bitcoin casinos. If you see one though, it’s almost certainly worth a play.

There are, of course, many other slots providers as well, some of which offer games that are equally as good as the ones above.

Mobile Slots

Many people now like to play slots on their mobile device, but what’s the difference between mobile and desktop play? Well, the answer is: very little. This is because mobile devices have now become so advanced that most features can easily be replicated for mobile players. Some slots, especially graphics-heavy ones, might have a few features removed though.

When it comes to the device that’s best for slot playing, tablets are undoubtedly number one. This is because their screens are large enough to show the slot off in its full glory. Those playing on a mobile phone will still enjoy the experience though. Visit our bitcoin slots section for a full rundown of the available slots on offer.

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