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Betting on Mobile Casinos

Long gone are the days when casino players had to sit in front of their computer for hours on end when they wanted to play their favourite game at an online casino. Instead, many people now choose to play using their mobile device, allowing them to play whenever they feel like it. Some Bitcoin casinos were faster to respond to the mobile revolution than others, however the vast majority are now on-board and offering fantastic mobile versions of their sites to players around the world (click here for a full list of mobile bitcoin gambling sites).

How to Use Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Using mobile Bitcoin casinos is really easy, but first you’ll have to sign up with a casino – to find the best Bitcoin casinos, simply check out the reviews here on Bigcoin Gambling. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll find that all your log-in details and your account balance will be instantly available when you access the site from your mobile device.

There are two ways in which you can access a mobile casino, with the first being via your browser. This is the most commonly used way of playing at a Bitcoin casino on a mobile device, and most casinos have optimised their mobile site so that it looks and fits perfectly with a mobile screen. Some are more optimised than others though, and we’ll let you know which ones have done it well in the reviews for each casino.

The other way in which some players can access a casino is via an app, however not all Bitcoin casinos have these. If they do though, they make playing as easy as possible – just one click on your tablet or phone screen will take you straight to the lobby, from which you can then navigate to your favourite game. All apps from Bitcoin casinos should be completely free to download, and you should be very suspicious of any casino apps that charge you for downloading them.

Depositing at Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Depositing is slightly hit and miss at Bitcoin casinos – as it also is with standard online casinos. This is because some sites allow players to add funds to their account using their phone or tablet, while others don’t. If you are playing at the latter, it is not necessarily a problem, however you’ll have to ensure that you have deposited funds via your desktop before heading out.

If you’re at a casino that does allow payments via mobile, the process is pretty much the same as at the desktop site. Simply click on the “Cashier” option, before then following the options on screen. It is important to mention that mobile connections aren’t necessarily the most secure though, so you should always avoid entering any financial or personal information when using a network you don’t completely trust.

Bitcoin deposits operate in the same way to desktop casinos, simply send your payment to the bitcoin wallet address provided. For more information on BTC deposits, read our getting started with bitcoin guide.

Pay By Phone Bill Casinos

There is also another way in which mobile players can make deposits at an online casino, and while it isn’t anything to do with Bitcoin, it is incredibly convenient and safe. This method works by having any deposits added onto your monthly phone bill, essentially meaning that the deposit costs nothing in the short term, but then has to be paid once the month is over. Of course, this means that players have to have discipline when it comes to adding money to their account though.

The reason why this method is so safe is because no personal details are ever shared with the site, meaning that they can’t be stolen via unsecured networks, and that they can’t be misused by the site itself.

Best Mobile Casino Software Providers

All software providers are pretty good when it comes to converting their games to the mobile platform. Some are better than others though, and predictably it’s the big names who do the best job. This means that you won’t really go wrong if you choose to play a game from Microgaming, Playtech or Endorphina. You will find that some games – especially slots – are slightly stripped down versions of the desktop game though, simply because of the limitations imposed by the mobile medium.

Interestingly, the one company that probably suffers most from mobile games is BetSoft. In the desktop world, they’re a company known for producing many of the best-looking, most exciting games around, complete with loads of bonuses and stunning 3D graphics. Some mobile connections simply can’t support the amount of graphics featured in these games though, meaning that BetSoft have to strip them back completely, or else force their players to wait quite a while as the games load. Therefore, 3D slots from BetSoft, as well as 3D slots from other companies, are best played when on a strong connection. You can find more information on the available bitcoin slots here.

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