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Betting on Live Casinos

Live dealer games have been the biggest development for many years at Bitcoin casinos, and have already gained huge numbers of fans in the relatively short amount of time they’ve been available. The reason for their popularity is clear for all to see, as they allow a lifelike casino experience, regardless of where you are in the world, so how do you get started playing them?

Live Casinos Games Available

If you’re interested in playing at a live casino, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll find a full range of games available. Of course, some are more popular than others though, and there are two in particular that are seen more than others: roulette and blackjack. In fact, some sites even offer multiple versions of these games, as well as tables featuring differing limits. Other games that are often seen include three card poker, casino hold ‘em and baccarat, while some more niche games, such as sic bo, are also popping up more and more often at live Bitcoin casinos.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Casino Betting

There’s no doubting the number one advantage to live casino betting – it’s the fact that there isn’t a more realistic way to play at a casino from the comfort of your own home! You’ll be transported to a casino setting via webcam, where you’ll see a real dealer standing behind a real table, and you’ll be able to follow the action as it unfurls live before you. There’s no doubting that this increases enjoyment levels massively, if only because there’s someone else around to share in your big wins and unlucky losses.

The next point can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage, and it’s the fact that live casino games tend to have higher limits than standard casino games. This is purely due to the fact that they cost more to run – after all, they have to pay the dealer, as well as justify the space taken up in the casino. This can be an advantage, as bigger bets lead to more excitement and potentially bigger wins; the downside is the fact that some might be priced out of playing though. But with live casinos becoming more and more popular, the stakes are slowly falling, so most should be able to afford them in the very near future.

The only drawback to live casino games is the fact that space is limited, as a table can only support a few players. This is opposed to a standard online casino game, which is single player and can therefore be accessed by anybody, at any time. The easiest fix to this is to join the waiting list, before then heading away and playing some other games in the casino. You can then come back once your seat is ready for you.

Live Casino Etiquette

Much of the etiquette associated with land-based casinos is thrown out of the window when it comes to online live casinos, other as you can’t be seen by the dealer or any players. So, if you have a little rant when the cards don’t fall in your favor, you won’t be politely asked to leave by a large bouncer. There are a couple of things to remember though, with the first being that you shouldn’t become abusive to the dealer via the chat function. It’s not their fault that you’re having a bad day, and they aren’t paid to listen to abuse.

The other thing to remember is that you shouldn’t use the live chat to reveal hand details to other players while the game is still ongoing. Not only will this spoil the game for other players, but it could see you booted from the room – and if you continue, you could even get kicked off the entire site.

Mobile Live Casino Betting

While live betting can be done via a mobile device, it hasn’t quite caught up with the new developments on desktop sites. This is all really to do with the speed of internet connection needed to run these games. So, if you’re on a phone or tablet and are connected to Wi-Fi, you should find everything runs perfectly. If you’re on a 3G connection though, it probably won’t work too well.

If you are able to access a game on your mobile device, you’ll find that everything works just like the desktop version, giving you all the same options and features. Some sites won’t have touch-enabled live casino games though, so won’t be able to offer them to mobile users.

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