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Ethereum Poker Sites

After a number of successful ICOs from decentralized Ethereum gambling sites like Etheroll and vDice, the application of this blockchain for Ether poker was clear. Ethereum, which was founded in 2015 by crypto-prodigy Vitalik Buterin, enables poker sites to operate trustlessly on the Ethereum blockchain through smart contracts which operate autonomously. Ether – the currency used on the Ethereum blockchain – is also becoming a popular deposit and withdrawal method for a number of poker rooms, enabling new ways to play poker with something other than Bitcoin. The Ethereum poker sites listed here currently only offer deposits and withdrawals with Ether, and do not yet operate autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain, although this is speculated to be coming soon.

Using Ether at a Poker Site

Depositing and withdrawing Ether is a similar process to that of Bitcoin. Poker players select an Ethereum wallet, purchase Ether from an exchange, and then send this newly acquired Ether to their chosen poker room. Unlike Bitcoin, the Ethereum network can process more transactions per second, resulting in faster Ether deposits and withdrawals.

Choosing whether to play at an Ethereum poker room over one which deals with other cryptocurrencies is a relatively trivial choice. Ethereum shares similar attributes to that of other cryptocurrencies; it provides similar levels of privacy, is easily accessible via an exchange and shares the characteristic price volatility that might be expected with Monero or Bitcoin. Transaction times for poker deposits with Ether are slightly faster, but the difference would be considered negligible for many poker players, particularly casual ones. Despite this, there may be political or economic reasons as to why one may choose to play poker with Ethereum, and fortunately for these players the poker sites available are increasing.

Top Rated Ether Poker Sites

Despite the popularity of Ethereum as a decentralized gambling platform, the choice of poker rooms for prospective Ether users is still limited. This page is an up-to-date list of all the available Ethereum poker sites, with our rankings sorted from best to worst – allowing you to find the top rated sites faster. Each poker site below has some information displayed on its card; read our guide to gambling on this site for some useful definitions. Some of these top Ether poker sites will also offer bonuses, so be sure to check those out too!

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