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Published Friday, June 24th, 2016 in

Brexit Sends Bitcoin Higher

The UK referendum on whether to remain inside or leave the EU has sent shockwaves throughout the world. A vote which was considered to be heavily in favor of the ‘remain campaign’ was reversed when on Thursday morning it was revealed that the UK would be leaving the EU – a campaign which won with 52% of the vote.

The uncertainty in many global markets has led to what appears to be a ‘bitcoin rush’, driving the price of BTC up by 15% in the early hours of Thursday morning. Such a compelling link between Brexit and the price of bitcoin has led many to believe that Bitcoin is now being taken seriously by mainstream investors looking for a ‘safe haven’ asset to place their money.

brexit boost bitcoin

The UK economy now remains in an extremely uncertain limbo; a full exit from the European Union will take at least 2 years, and many politicians are looking at potential avenues to avoid a complete exit.

On Thursday June 24th 2016, Britain took a massive gamble, and such a gamble appears to have paid off for those using and invested in bitcoin.

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