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Top Bitcoin Dice Sites


Bitcoin Dice Sites

Bitcoin dice has been one of the biggest phenomenons in bitcoin gambling; the low cost of running a bitcoin dice site has allowed for many operators to offer an extremely low house edge, reaching as little as just 0.1%! This low house edge has meant that many players can gamble with a risk much lower than they might find at another bitcoin gambling site.

The top bitcoin dice sites available here will offer very different experiences, from the extremely colorful to the terrifically bland, and from the fastest bets to the lowest house edge – there’s every type of dice site for every type of gambler. Show more

We also have a review and complaints system, simply click into one of the top bitcoin dice sites below to leave a comment, or submit a dice site feedback form using the link in the footer.

Dice games are one of the most popular types of games for Bitcoin gamblers, combining fun, excitement, and the chance to win some seriously large amounts of money. They’re found at a multitude of different casinos, and you’ll find the best ones to play at right here.

How Does Bitcoin Dice Work?

Bitcoin dice gambling is completely controlled by you, as sites will allow you to set your own odds, and choose exactly how many Bitcoins you want to bet on each roll. The object of the game is simple: you choose a starting number between 1 and 100 on the dice, and then you predict whether the next roll will be higher or lower than that number.

So, for example, you could choose your starting number to be 50. As the dice goes from 0 to 100, this means that you have a 50/50 chance of the number being higher or lower, so you’ll get odds that convey this probability. Looking for a slightly safer bet? Set the number to, say, 70, and then bet that the next roll will be lower – it’s a safer bet, but the returns will be less. Or you could go for a big win and set the number to 80, and then bet that the next roll will be higher.

Some Bitcoin dice sites also have an autoplay feature, which allows you to sit back and watch as you hopefully win some money. You’ll be able to tell the game how many rolls you want to complete automatically, or you can just leave it running and get it to stop when your balance reaches a certain level. Show less

Bitcoin Dice House Edge

The house edge is the way that bitcoin dice sites make money, as it’s the slight advantage they give themselves in terms of probability over the player. With Bitcoin dice games, this house edge is usually extremely low, as the fees that the casino has to pay when dealing with Bitcoin are exceedingly low – far lower than the fees paid by regular online casinos to the other different payment options. This means that it is usual for the house edge to be around 0.5% at a Bitcoin dice site, although there are some casinos that occasionally offer promotions where the house edge is much lower than this. Show more

Provably Fair Dice Games

This is perhaps the most important thing to realise about Bitcoin dice sites – they are very often provably fair, so you can be sure that you are not being cheated out of any money. After all, it can be tough to trust a site when they are the ones seemingly controlling how the dice rolls! This is something that only Bitcoin dice sites (and other casinos) offer, marking them out from the standard online casinos.

Provably fair allows you to verify every single roll of the dice. The ins and outs of how this works are complex, involving such things as server seeds and client seeds, however the basic premise is this: after every roll, you’ll be able to head to a provably fair verifier, where you can enter in the details of your last roll (server seed, client seed, and nonce). This verifier then quickly compares the details against its own database, and then informs you that the roll was a fair and legal one.

The fact that these provably fair verifiers are run by a third party ensures that maximum fairness is achieved.

Dice Bitcoin Faucets

Dice faucets are essentially the equivalent to the bonuses found at other casinos, as they provide you with a certain number of satoshis for free (a satoshi, named after the famed Bitcoin founder, is a hundredth of a millionth of a Bitcoin). Generally, most dice sites will allow the player to claim Bitcoin from the faucet each hour, but only when their balance gets lower than a certain amount.

It is usually the case that more frequent players will be able to up their rewards, and those making Bitcoin deposits will also get the chance to boost their faucet. Players should be aware though that these bonuses are not added automatically, so if you miss the chance to collect one, it will be forfeited.

History of Dice Games

Dice games can be dated all the way back to 6000BC, and then through the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Therefore, it is safe to say that gambling with dice is one of the oldest forms of gambling around. It was the Romans who were especially keen, with a number of emperors reportedly being extremely keen dice players.

The most popular dice game today is craps, and this is thought to have been around since the times of the Crusades, as the rules of the English game “hazard” were adapted to create this new form of gambling. With some additions by French players and then the popularisation of the game in the USA, starting in Louisiana, craps became one of the world’s most popular gambling pastimes.

Nowadays, craps is found in casinos throughout the world, from Las Vegas to Macau. It is also found online, with loads of different online casinos offering it to their players. Then Bitcoin dice games came along, and really started to push the boundaries of dice games online. With much higher possible returns and an arguably far more interesting way to play, they have now become a favourite with Bitcoin gamblers throughout the world. Show less

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