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Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin casino slots are one of the most popular games available to those looking to gamble with Bitcoin. Whether you’re a fan of traditional fruit machines or prefer a more modern touch with 3D slot games, Bitcoin users now have it all. We have created a comprehensive list of all the Bitcoin slot games available to Bitcoin casinos – any slot you find here will be playable with Bitcoin, and we also list the Bitcoin casinos at which these slots can be found. Not only that, but we have listed details about the gaming software provider, progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, free spins, mobile compatibility and much more – all of which will help you decide which of the best Bitcoin slots to play.

When reviewing any of the Bitcoin slot games listed, you’ll notice a few key features to compare each slot with another. These features will be recognized by any regular casino gambler, but for the new players out there we’ve put together this short guide to help you understand which Bitcoin slot will provide the most entertainment and potential winnings!

Bitcoin Slot Features

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are mini-games that allow you to win more prizes. Different Bitcoin slot games have different triggers for bonus rounds, however it is almost always a case of lining up or landing a particular symbol on any given spin. While the winnings from some bonus rounds will be dependent on luck, some Bitcoin slots such as Chase the Cheese will give you a skill-based game where the more experienced player has a stronger chance of winning.


A multiplier will do just that – it will provide you with a multiple of your spin’s winnings. Multipliers can range from 2x to 5x and can be earned either through a lucky spin or a series of scenarios that you complete. A multiplier can add a huge amount of fun to any bitcoin slot, giving the player a much better return on their winning spins and making for a much more exciting way to bet bitcoin.

Free Spins

When we talk about free spins we may be referring to two different types of free spin. The free spins that are mentioned in a bitcoin slot review will refer to the in-game bonus – one which allows you to either re-spin or have a series of free spins. For example, you may land a certain symbol or line of symbols that earns you several free spins, these will be won in-game and can be used immediately. The other type of free spin is a bonus offer for new or existing players that will allow the player to have a set of free spins at a particular Bitcoin slot or software provider. These type of free spins are often rewarded for depositing at a Bitcoin casino, and a list of all available free spin offers can be found here.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is music to the ears for many Bitcoin casino gamblers. While most slots will offer an in-game jackpot, a progressive jackpot is one that builds up over time across all casinos at which the Bitcoin slot is operating. Progressive jackpots can reach upwards of 20 Bitcoins, and the rate at which the jackpot builds up depends entirely on how much the game is being played. If a progressive jackpot is looking to be quite small, then it is often worth waiting until it builds up further before trying your luck on that particular Bitcoin slot.

Our Best Rated Bitcoin Slots

With so many Bitcoin slot games to choose from it can be difficult to find one that you’ll love. We have listed all of the available slot games below and ordered them from best rated to worst rated. All of our slots are reviewed by independent gamblers and you can trust that our opinion is kept honest – we’re happy to say if a Bitcoin slot is not worth playing! Use the filters below to find the best slot game for your next casino deposit now!

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