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Betcoin Adds Dash

Betcoin, a casino which has added several new cryptocurrencies in the last 12 months including Ethereum, Bcash and Litecoin, has now extended their crypto banking options to include Dash. The casino, which was one of the first to adopt Bitcoin back in 2011, announced in a blog post that their players should be able to enjoy the “convenience of fast DASH withdrawals”. “Dash” (short for Digital Cash) is the 6th most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, having risen from $10/coin in January 2017 to a high of $350/coin just 6 months later. Dash, which prides itself on a self-governing and self-funding protocol has a marketing team “built in”. Users who use and promote the platform can be rewarded, and projects which benefit the Dash ecosystem are funded through proposals on the website. As a result, Dash now boasts over 4,000 masternodes and thousands more users, many of whom will be very excited to hear that Betcoin – one of the most popular crypto casinos – has adopted this exciting form of payment.

Dash vs Bitcoin for gambling
Whilst Bitcoin remains the number one cryptocurrency for gamblers, it faces a number of scaling and political challenges which have worried some holders. Dash on the other hand, has a very clear governance model in place, and proposals to improve scaling can be voted on by the community. Bitcoin transactions can take upwards of a day to confirm on the blockchain, with TX fees reaching as high as a few dollars. This network speed – combined with the often expensive transactions – have eradicated the market for microgambling with stakes as low as a few Satoshis. These issues have made way for other coins to be adopted by casinos, and Dash has now filled that gap. Dash blockchain confirmations take as little as a few minutes, and transaction fees are just a few cents (USD). Betcoin isn’t the only Bitcoin casino which now accepts Dash; see our full list of Dash gambling sites to explore more options!

Looking to gamble with Dash? Get started at Betcoin today!

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