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Best Anonymous Bitcoin Casinos 2018

Anonymous Bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular as gamblers look for ways to hide their identity from overreaching institutions. Bitcoin offers levels of anonymity that exceeds any payment method ever seen before; allowing players to sign up and gamble at casinos without even the need for an email address. Compare this to the requirements from fiat currency casinos – which ask for scanned copies of photo ID and utility bills – and it’s easy to see why anonymous Bitcoin casinos are in such high demand. This article takes a look at the best Bitcoin casinos with anonymous registration and provides some information on ways to keep your identity even more closely guarded. Let’s get straight to our list of best anonymous Bitcoin casinos of 2018:

Bitcoin Casinos With Complete Anonymity

These Bitcoin casinos do not require any identification whatsoever. Accounts are created automatically when the site is visited and are secured through cryptography – no need for even a password as all login information is stored in browser cookies.

  2. Nitrogen Sports
  4. 777 Coin

Bitcoin Casinos With Partial Anonymity

Unlike the above list of anonymous Bitcoin casinos, these casinos require that you enter an email address and password to setup an account. As a result, these gambling operators are not quite as anonymous as others, but they still provide privacy that goes above and beyond their fiat counterparts. On the other hand, these sites do provide a better and more holistic casino experience than the 100% anonymous casinos above, and some of the software used at these semi-anonymous casinos is second to none. These anonymous Bitcoin casinos are perfect for the player who is slightly less concerned about being totally anonymous.

  1. Playamo
  2. Betcoin
  3. Bitstarz
  4. mBit Casino
  5. FortuneJack

Further reading about anonymous Bitcoin casinos

We’ve provided some information in this “guide to anonymity” that will help you to make better decisions about where to play. Use our navigation list below to read more about these fantastic anonymous Bitcoin casinos.

Interested in more than just anonymous casinos? View our full list of anonymous Bitcoin gambling sites – including sportsbooks, dice games and more.

How do we determine the best anonymous bitcoin casinos?

The best anonymous Bitcoin casinos are not necessarily the ones with the largest bonuses or the best user experience. In fact, many of the completely anonymous casinos listed here do not offer bonuses and do not provide great interfaces for Bitcoin gambling – but that doesn’t matter… More than anything else, this list is ranked by the simplicity with which it is to gamble, the speed of deposits/withdrawals as well as the reputation that these anonymous sites have earned over the years. for example, does not provide a bonus, nor does it provide 3D slot games or a particularly intuitive UI. However, it does provide a simple and secure anonymous betting platform with a reputation that has lasted several years.

Factors Influencing Our Ratings

Below are the factors that influence our ratings for the best anonymous Bitcoin casinos:

Reputation – the sites listed here have not had any complaints received by
Sign-up Process – registration is not required, an anonymous account is granted immediately when a user visits the site.
Withdrawals – withdrawals that process immediately or within hours are looked upon more kindly than those which take several days.
Altcoints – while this article focuses on Bitcoin, anonymous casinos that offer altcoin deposits and withdrawals are also given a slightly higher rating.

Anonymous Bitcoin casino reviews

The links at the top of this article will take you directly through to the anonymous casino’s website. If you’d like to learn more about the casino before deciding on where to bet, then these anonymous Bitcoin casino reviews will help:

Does anonymity make Bitcoin gambling legal?

Many people who gamble in countries where gambling is legal still choose to bet anonymously with Bitcoin. However those living in countries where online gambling is heavily restricted or banned entirely may face the question – is anonymous Bitcoin gambling legal? The answer is relevant to the country in question; we have provided this overview of Bitcoin legality in various countries to help (although we recommend conducting your own research). If you discover that online gambling (Bitcoin or otherwise) is banned in your country, then the reality is that anonymous Bitcoin gambling is also illegal and betting at these sites is done at your own risk.

Can people see if I’m betting Bitcoin anonymously?

When visiting an anonymous Bitcoin casino an account is created automatically using cryptography. Your browser is assigned a unique cookie that stores the information of your account, and this information is only available to see on your local machine. This means that the activity made on this account is entirely anonymous – referenced only by a SHA-256 hash – and your device would need to be seized in order for someone to personally identify you with that casino. Although even then, concrete proof would be difficult to obtain.

While your activity and account information may lack any personally identifiable information, there are other vulnerabilities that could help others to associate you with a Bitcoin casino account.

Bitcoin transactions
Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, however if the same deposit and withdrawal addresses are used time and again, then it is possible that some personal identification may be revealed at some point in the future (it’s the equivalent of “leaving a paper trail”). Players avoid this risk by generating new addresses for all transactions – something that is also considered a good security practice as well.

IP address
When visiting any address on the internet, the server to which you visit is able to see your IP address, and often these visits are stored in server logs. Many anonymous Bitcoin casinos will delete server logs that contain sensitive information, however it is still possible that IP addresses are stored for many years and could be compromised in the future. That said, an IP address does not reveal a great deal about the individual, but it is a potential vulnerability to consider when betting at an anonymous Bitcoin casino.

Using VPNs to improve anonymity

Bitcoin gamblers that want to go one step further to protect their identity may consider the use of a virtual private network (VPN). These VPNs mask your IP address with that of another, and the IP address that you choose can be from (pretty much) any city in the world. By using a VPN, betting at an anonymous casino and depositing with Bitcoin, it is possible to bet online with zero information being revealed about your identity. For further information, we have created a full guide to Bitcoin VPN gambling, which will help even the novice casino player get up to speed with totally anonymous betting.

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